Big data applications increasingly involve diverse datasets, conforming to different data models. Such datasets are routinely hosted in heterogeneous stores, each capable of handling one or a few data models, and each efficient for some, but not all, kinds of data processing. Systems capable of exploiting disparate data in this fashion are usually termed polystores. A current limitation of polystores is that applications are written taking into account which part of the data is stored in which store and how. This fails to take advantage of (i) possible redundancy, when the same data may be accessible (with different performance) from distinct data stores; (ii) previous query results (in the style of materialized views), which may be available in the stores. In this talk, we give an overview of and demonstrate ESTOCADA, a novel approach that can be used in polystore setting to transparently enable each query to benefit from the best combination of stored data and available processing capabilities. The system leverages recent advances in the area of view-based query rewriting under constraints, which we use to describe the various data models and stored data.